Part Two

Last evening as I lay on the floor of my hiding place,  I wondered about the events of this past week and how Mr. Groom could have possibly found himself in the predicament he is in. It is a sad state for the world when things go so awry for an individual. The good doctor in me wants to help and heal. And so I have hatched a plan that will at the very least be a beginning for Mr. Groom’s recovery.

Even as I write this I am pursued by a man who has the intent to do me harm. Of what form that is supposed to take I do not know, but he has been sent by Mr. Groom. That much is certain. Yesterday after my writings I had promised to take a closer look at Mr. Groom. In his defense I have only known of him for a week. But in that short amount of time his psychological difficulties have become clear as the daylight I hope to see again soon.

At the very first moments of my logging into my new Twitter account and finding people already talking about me, I saw the Mr. Groom had already set up an adversarial space between him and his students. It is a good thing they never actually were in his presence or the class may have come to blows.

And it was evident early on that Mr. Groom had generated some animosity with the whole class as to some it seemed as if there were a rebellion afoot. And I believe all of this had happened even before the class had started!

At this point I began to wonder if Mr. Groom was stable. I know that in all my years of University I had many professors who exhibited various forms of dominance and power psychosis, but not quite to this extent. Doing only a bit or searching on the Google I was able to confirm my suspicions about his aggressive behaviors. As you can see from the image below he has an aggressive and domineering side. Notice the fierce look on his face and he is clearly “showing us his knuckles” as the boys say in the schoolyard.

It was about this time that I realized the class Mr. Groom was teaching was getting underway. Using the Twitter Mr. Groom notified that there would be a “live” class on a telly station owned by a man named Justin. I watched in horror as this Mr. Groom slowly faded into his alter personality “Dr. Oblivion.” From here dear reader I am sure you can see where the challenge for me. One, by this time many people were already referencing me as “The Dr. Oblivion” and two, Mr. Groom was clearly having a public mental breakdown.

Over these past few days I have wondered about my own psychological state and why it was that I took some advantage with the Twitter. And why I used what few skills I have on my computer to generate enough of a believable story that actually had the effect of derailing Mr. Groom and his split personalities. Perhaps it was the excitement of the chase? Maybe I wanted to join the rebellion that was already occurring in the class and I had an advantage: many thought I was the real Dr. Oblivion, which of course I am. Or perhaps it was my desire to assist the poor students caught up in this display of multiple personalities? I hope to address that tomorrow if I live to see the day.

For now good reader please know that Mr. Groom has in fact sent a man to remove me from this earth. Or at least harm me in some fashion. I am currently safe, I think, and while there has been word in Swaffham that a stranger is about and looking for me, I am not longer even in my old hometown. I am one jump ahead today. I hope I can remain that way.


6 Responses to Part Two

  1. Stella Meme says:

    I don’t like where this narrative is going, dear Doctor. While I was very concerned about your well-being, the insinuation that Jim Groom is somehow malicious is such a ridiculous accusation that it pits you to be- at least in this one instance- incorrect.
    I know too many people who admire Mr. Groom that this sets up an inconceivable paradox. Even those who have compared Mr. Groom to the Nazis or Maoists in his fervent ability to pick up followers have not caused him to wish ill will upon any person. So, why now, would he call upon this Mr.Fixer.
    I do believe you are in grave danger and perhaps there is someone trying to get you, but I seriously question the motivation or purpose for Mr. Groom, who has shown nothing but comment love to ds106 students (save for the occasional ‘dirty hippy’ comment).
    I have contacted the National Center for Exploited and Missing Professors, as per the milk cartons we have been seeing on our tabletops and we are working diligently for your safe return.
    Now I admit, I myself have drunk the Kool-Aid of supreme adulation of the reverend Bava and I may be completely under the spell of his dulcet voice from the ds106radio, comment love on my blog, and his clever, friendly tweets- but I have no proof that he is not otherwise a very decent human being, incapable of such atrocities of which you accuse him!

  2. droblivion says:

    Dear Stella

    Did you not read his tweets? “I find taunting and harassing online students…” Do you see him bare his vicious knuckles at the camera! Do you know the violent history of that shameful punk rock and roll movement here in the UK?

    But Stella, I am glad you are concerned about my safety. An old man like me has little to lose, but what I do have I wish to keep. I am sure that in time Mr. Groom will soon come to his senses as I too am sure underneath that gruff exterior he is a good man.

    Thanks you for your concern.

  3. Stella Meme says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I do read @jimgroom’s tweets. In fact, I deconstruct, analyze and create complex monuments (in my mind) as a to tribute his every tweet.
    Since this DS106 is a class whereby we learn to manipulate images, I do not take screenshots as truth. Anyone who uses their eyes as the sole purveyor of truth is truly still in the cave, as our senses can deceive us, this we have learnt from Plato and countless philosophers since.

    • droblivion says:

      Long ago my dear Stella my wife and I were married. On our wedding invitations was a favorite quote of mine from Antoine St. Exupery. It read, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

      I understand the truth you speak about images. In this case however the images are not altered. The only altered element in all of this is Mr. Groom.

  4. otto paertz says:

    I don’t know about you, but I think the EDUPUNK knuckle tattoos would be more authentic were Jim Groom to remove a pinky (Yakuza style). Too say nothing of doing it in Shapie as opposed to jail house style.

    As it is, all we can say is: Poser.

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