Like Being Watched

Earlier this morning I had some terrible events on the Twitter. It seems as if everyone is against me and accuses me of something! I am not perfect and I have made some grievous errors, but I have now told the complete truth and ill will is not warranted. Yet several of the ds106 group are still after me. One woman seems to dig things up out of the past and call them “proof” that I am a lair and worse!

I do not know that I will go to the twitter again. It is a cruel place for an old man.

As you know I have had Mr. Groom’s man after me for some time. I feel like I am being watched all of the time. But the truth is I have outsmarted the man Mr. Groom has sent and been able to live more or less in comfort, even though I am in hiding and not in my home. Each morning I have traveled to the pub for tea and biscuits. I pass by the various stores waiting to open and in getting to my pub I pass one other. In it I see men, and given recent events, they all look like the man in the image below.

Given the recent challenges with Mr. Groom, I stole his eye balls for this example of how I feel. And this is no way for a well respected old man to feel.

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No News is Good News

Aftler lunch today I see that th

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The Truth Must Be Told

I will confess. For a short time I attempted to be the Dr. Oblivion Mr. Groom so desperately seemed to want. And in my own way I attempted to play along with his ruse. I am guilty of that. Of playing a part and making motions to control Mr. Groom and his group called ds106 was fun for a moment, but is has bounded out of control.

But recently I have been attempting so assist this good man Groom. But he has made it hard on me. From saying untrue things to portraying me as a lunatic living in a cave for all the world to see! He has even sent a man after me. I am Dr. Oblivion and I am a good and gentle soul. I do not deserve this kind of treatment.

I am attempting to help Mr. Groom and we shall see if he is willing to seek assistance with his condition.

This morning the Swaffam daily printed an article confirming my absence and I wish to share that with you here.  This was not my doing. I enjoy social networking sites like this Twitter and I have even managed to keep up a blog or two. One is about Sudoku. I am an avid fan of challenging games.

But my friends I cannot go home. This man Groom has sent, Mr. Fixer, is on my trail. I have seen him. If you are a friend or colleague of Mr. Groom, please tell him to stop this madness. I beg you. I am on old man.

I have clipped the article from the daily to share with you as proof of my innocence and Groom’s madness.

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Even in Hiding from @jimgroom

Even as I fear form my life given the recent aggressive moves by Mr. Groom, I am still able to remain optimistic about my situation. And I will with certainty be able to make the prearranged broadcast today at 4:30. I shall try to explain the difficult situation we all find ourselves in given Mr. Groom’s situation. For those of you who have been contacted regarding the upcoming intervention regarding Mr. Groom I appreciate all of your support and willingness to assist him in this difficult time.

But let’s not dwell on the challenges Mr. Groom faces. Let us make art!

Even now, confined as I am in hiding from Mr. Fixer, I am still bale to keep optimistic and joyful. And while I do appreciate the posters being made on my behalf, I think we may need something more, something bigger, something that will share the cause with a larger and more powerful audience. Like a concert.

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I Will Look Too

Even though I am becoming more and more suspicious that Mr. Groom is in the shed, I shall hope not as it is infested with flies and roaches. To be sure I am here, full of life. But no matter, what the people think is not of my concern. What Jim Groom thinks of course IS my primary concern. So I will play along with his game and go looking. For me. And my “daughter.”

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The Truth Is Oblivious in 4 Icons

I will not mince words or icons here as to me, especially after the bizarre events of this morning, the control of this course has clearly shifted in my direction. Before I was simply the commander, the leader, and the very heart of our vessel. Now, I have gained empathy from my followers! How strange is that for the dark and brutal leader! My daughter is gone! Oh my, what strange plans Jim Groom has laid for us! Do not be fooled. He is as lost as the fictional daughter he has created for me!

Who am I?

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Responding to Surrogate Dr. Oblivion and the Entire Internet Quandry Answered in One Small Event

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