“Long Live the New Flesh”

When I heard Jim Groom say that the young Mr. John Oblivion “has trouble with his sweater,” I nearly re-broke my nose as the tea I was drinking came flying out of it and sprayed across my still scarred chest. The gall of that man Groom  insulting the gentleman sweater in a public forum! Never have I seen such callousness. Never!

That, coupled with the brewing revolt led by his downtrodden students, has led me to believe that it is Jim Groom again who has a hand in the disappearance of Dr. Oblivion. And now I am beginning to see that Bianca and Mr. Groom may have had a play in this. I watched Mr. Groom While I believe that Mr. Fixer did come to do me harm and he was sent by someone trying to get rid of a possible leader of the ds106, it is also apparent that Bianca was romantically involved with him. Perhaps Mr. Groom is Number One. That would fit his self-absorbed personality.

You can see for yourself. It is perfectly clear in the Justin’s Telly video here at 35:15 minutes in where Mr. Groom is talking to @arabaBky via The Skype. Look at his facial expression as be begins to realize that others know the truth.

The revolution being led by Mr. Liddell seems worthy and given the egregious and nefarious behavior of the Mr. Groom on the Twitter and on Justin’s telly, I think it is wise to discontinue the current state of the #ds106 communications and move on to a brighter future in the new flesh as #ds107

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