Happy Birthday America and Unwashed Hippies

As I sit here looking at the Twitter I see Jim Groom is busy commenting about unwashed hippies. I saw that a man made a flag with the skulls and crossbones and a black and white American flag. The longer I watch this group of people the more I am concerned for America. Clearly these individuals cannot represent the normal Americans. There must be something wrong with this group. Missing people, teachers sending hit men, the strange Bianca Oblivion (no relation to me) and the bizarre Twitter conversation. Not to mention Justin’s television station.

As I have had plenty of time on my hands sitting here in bed, I have been trying to make my computer work. I found that I can create colors and shapes in a thing called “paint.” I remember back when the “hippy” movement was prevalent in American society and how we watched the demonstrations on the telly. They all seemed so dirty. Poor kids. I thought I would try to recreate on of the symbols I recall from those days in America. But with a twist for the ds106.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday America and Unwashed Hippies

  1. Alan Liddell says:

    If you made this in MS Paint, then I will eat this TI-83 right now.

  2. droblivion says:

    Well Mr. Liddell I have vitamin B12 and a vitamin E everyday. I am not sure about TI-83, but if your physician recommended it I suppose that it will be good for you. I try to take my vitamins in the morning.

    My product is called, “Paint.” I do not know what MS is, but perhaps it is similar, but not exactly the same. So you don’t have to eat your vitamins just yet. Good day.

  3. Ben says:

    Nice work! Peace, love, ds106!

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