New Clues and a Hand Extended to Join in the Search

The photo here was printed in the Waffon and Swaffham Times this morning. The report described the image, found in Mr. Ward’s wallet, and several other items being found on the body of Jesse Ward. The other items in the report included a set of keys with a plastic pendant in the shape of a fox head that had the inscription, “I’m your sexy fox,” a pair of bifocal glasses, and a ring with the inscription “love forever, BO.”  These items were described as being found on his person. The auto he drove into the pond has some other items that were reported earlier including surveillance equipment and a handgun.

I write this today because I have seen the woman in this photo and I have said as much to the Waffham magistrate. This woman appeared on Justin’s telly show all of this week! She is named Bianca Oblivion! Now earlier today I sent Mr. John Oblivion, the uncle of Brian Oblivion, this very image in the hopes that he can use it on the quest to find his missing uncle.

I believe I need to make another apology here to me Jim Groom. At the onset of this misadventure I believed Mr. Groom to be one and the same as this “other” Dr. Oblivion that seems to be currently missing. I know believe that I had misjudged Mr. Groom and that he in fact is a mild mannered man from Virginia and this Brian Oblivion, or Dr. Oblivion, is in fact another person altogether.

I did some research on the internet and was able to find the following images below of the two men described above, the missing Dr. Oblivion and the Virginia man, Jim Groom. While there are similarities, there are clearly great differences. One is the missing hair. The other is Mr. Groom seems to be much slimmer in physique. The glasses create a challenge as they are similar, but clearly the mad look of Dr. Oblivion and the kindly gentleness of Mr. Groom show a very different personality. I simply cannot see the good looking gentleman on the right as being the madman on the left.

I will be listening to the radio in the upcoming days for updates on these events here in Swaffham. If I can be of assistance to anyone in the search for the uncle of John Oblivion, Dr. Brian Oblivion, please let me know and I will do my best to assist you. I am learning how to use these computers, as you can see I even made the blog. And the Twitter. You may reach me at

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4 Responses to New Clues and a Hand Extended to Join in the Search

  1. Martha says:


    While I cannot speak of Mr grooms involvement in THE dr o’s disappearance, I CAN say that he is not a mild-mannered. Do not be fooled!

    Btw, how is your recovery coming?


  2. droblivion says:

    I have been fooled before, so thank you for the warning.

    My days are spent playing Sudoku and playing on this infernal computer. Today I watched Justin’s TV program and as I said, I saw and reported Bianca Oblivion. I saw you and Mr Groom. I saw the long haired gentleman you had on and listened to Mr. Groom talk about some very tricky computer things. A nice way to spend the evening.

    Thank you for asking, Martha.

  3. Alan Liddell says:

    Hello, Doctor. What do you make of this image? Do you know if the photograph is digital or not? Maybe there was a problem in the development?

    At any rate, it’s good to hear you’re recovering. Now that there’s no uncertainty as to who you are, it will be unequivocally good (no more uncertainty, no more menacing undertones or antagonism between you and Mr. Groom) to hear more from you.

  4. droblivion says:

    It seems as if it were removed from the now deceased Mr. Ward. He was in the water when he passed and I am sure the image was wet when removed. Perhaps it had been an old photograph anyway? I do not know.

    I too am happy to have the last two weeks over with! My quiet life was turned upside down! I am recovering thank you. I hope to learn more about the Twitter and perhaps see if I cannot contact this man Justin who runs the TV station. That is what I am looking forward to.

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