Some Bad Dreams After the Mr. Fixer

I don’t want to trouble anyone with my nightmares these last two days but I have struggled to get a good nights rest. To add to the trouble I watched Justin’s telly today and watched Bianca Oblivion, clearly no relation to me, and listened to Jim Groom.

It was fitting that part of Justin’s program was about making dead people because that is about what I have been seeing during my nightmares. I seem to wander into this cave like environment and muddle around in the muck and slime. Crawly bugs all around and slithering reptile looking things that are half human and half snake or spider, or something awful. It is a very frightening affair.

My nose is healing and I only have to re-bandage the numerous abrasions I have one a day rather than every few hours. They have stopped weeping and begun to dry. Thank goodness for that!

I sat this morning and attempted to draw some of the creatures I have been seeing in my dreams. There are parts of animals and things all crisscrossed and having hideous hues to them. I don’t wish to offend any readers and I certainly do not want to spread my nightmares. I hope by making them I have somehow pulled them from my sleep! We shall see.

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