Back Home, Finally

I do not know what has transpired since this morning. Thankfully I was able to leave the hospital much sooner that the dreadful doctors had thought. My own story is left unchanged and confirmed now beyond doubt that Mr. Groom had sent a man after me. He admitted as much on Justin’s television station this morning. The evening edition of the Waffon and Swaffham times tells the tale very clearly and it is my belief that the “source” in the United States is in fact Mr. Jim Groom. Perhaps he was trying to eliminate his troubles by calling the constabulary. If he could get rid of the “Mr. Fixer” his problems would be over? I do not know at this point. I am too tired from it all.

I would like to say to Mr. Groom that the very idea of the “Twitter Hug” this morning was my effort to help you through these troubling times. And with that you repay me with a broken nose, abrasions to my face, arms, and chest. Perhaps this assault on your sense of right and wrong will jolt you back into reality? Perhaps tomorrow I will have enough energy to complete my Part Three and explain why I attempted to subvert your authority as teacher or whatever position you hold.

And Mr. Groom, I hope you find your Dr. Oblivion, whatever form he takes.

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16 Responses to Back Home, Finally

  1. Joe P says:

    So, the good doctor lives. Looks like I’m not out of a job after all.

  2. droblivion says:

    Mr. Joe
    Specifically what “job” is it that you still retain?

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  4. Jim Groom says:

    Glad to hear you are all right Dr. Oblivion, and I am glad that the vile assassin git his as well. I guess we’ll never really know who sent him, but at least we know it wasn’t me and we can put this whole unfortunate event behind us and redouble our efforts to find THE Dr. O’Blivion. No hard feelings with you stealing his identity for a short while, and thanks for the twitter hug this morning, it felt warm and snuggly. Enjoy your retirement.

  5. droblivion says:

    Well Mr. Groom, all is well that ends well as they say.

    I believe I have found a new source of income and challenge. I plan on starting an online business with the TwitterHUG concept. You inspired the idea. Perhaps I’ll be the next Google or eBay!

    No hard feelings. I’ll try to explain myself later in Part Three.

  6. mburtis says:

    Perhaps A Dr. Oblivion would agree to be the official physical for Ds106? On a consulting basis, of course. Nothing too strenuous or taxing — just general medical advice for the afflicted of Ds106? The course is rather vigorous, and I know a few students who have found that their body begins to suffer as their minds and spirits soar. How many other MOOC’s can claim to have a physician on call?

    • droblivion says:

      At the moment I am in a fair amount of pain. As you know, my nose is broken and I have sustained some deep bruises and small cuts. I do appreciate the offer Ms. Burtis, and especially given our rather difficult past.

      I may be able to offer some advice to some of the suffering, though my days of serious challenging medicine are long over.

      I would be happy to accept the position as long as it is not too taxing. It would give me good reason to remain connected to this bizarre group. That may be something my own doctor might advise against…

      I am very interested in the idea of TwitterHugs. I am not yet sure how to approach the idea, but any advice would be welcome. I had imagined we might use the depth of this group here to someday send an unsuspecting person a huge 10 minutes of HUG…. Who might be worthy?

    • droblivion says:

      I have added an official badge to my Web Site announcing that I am now acting as the community physician. I hope it is ok with the rest of the group?

      • mburtis says:

        I whole-heartedly approve. And I wonder if you could help me with a problem that’s been plaguing me. I wake up in the morning with terrible headaches. My dentist thinks I clench my jaw in my sleep and that this is the cause. His solution is for me to buy a $500 mouthguard. I don’t have that kind of money! Do you have any other possible treatments to recommend ?

  7. mburtis says:

    official *physician

  8. droblivion says:

    Ms. Burtis,
    Regarding your teeth grinding:
    I have no personal experience with this but I can offer some advice. These days it is not an issue for me as I have no teeth left to grind. When I was younger most evening ended in a few pints of ale so I am certain for most of my sleeping hours I was fairly relaxed. But, I do have some ideas.

    You might try sleeping in a different position. I know for me that is difficult because habits are hard to break, buy perhaps trying real hard to at least fall asleep in a different position may offer you jaws a different experience with gravity. Additionally, a few glasses of ale, or wine, or whatever you Americans drink may help thought that of course can lead to other challenges.

    There is also the psychological element. Stress can contribute to teeth grinding. You do work with Jim Groom is that not correct? I can only imagine.

    Aside from some potential damage to teeth and a sore jaw, and a headache, the good news is that there is no long term ill effects physically or emotionally. Now if you are sleeping poorly in general, that is another matter. Or if your day is made more difficult because of the headaches.

    My advise is to know that all is well in life. That will help with the emotional elements. And perhaps try sleeping in a different position for a week or so if you are able and see if that helps.

  9. mburtis says:

    Thank you, Dr. I must admit that your kind words and the sympathy you exhibited for my pain and discomfort had a startling effect upon me. I was quite moved, and when I got to your reference to the psychological element and your acknowledgement that perhaps the stress of working with a certain person might be contributing to my own poor health, I began to weep. No one has EVER expressed sympathy for MY plight in this whole ordeal. The shock of your words evoked a powerful emotional response in me. Perhaps I need to dig deeper into this issue.

    In any case, I’m very glad you’ve taken on this role for DS106. The bedside manner you exhibit on this online (some might say “impersonal”) space is a tribute to the fine physician that I’m sure you were in your day.

  10. Jim Groom says:

    Excuse me, why the fuck am I always the cause of both of your pain? Martha, you just denounced a (not THE) Dr O’Blivion’s character on the ds106 live broadcast yesterday, and now you are taking sides against me? Oh how fickle-a-Fey you are!

    And Doctor, be careful, you are not even fully healed yet I imagine.

    • droblivion says:

      Mr. Groom I’ll not be allowing you to share your thoughts here if you continue to use that kind of language. It is not civil. I am not sure what kind of language “fickle-a-fey” is but I think I’ll not tolerate it either.
      You are not the cause Mr. Groom and to be truthful, I have started to feel as if I misjudged the severity of your illness. You are a good man who is doing a good thing for the community.
      I cannot speak for Martha, though it seems that the work environment there in Virgina is less than pleasant. I recall just before I was attacked that you seemed pretty aggressive. Perhaps Martha is feeling some of that tension? Please do not take your anger out on her. I may be 83 and battered but I am still able to fend for myself. You may use me as your target if you need to.

      • Jim Groom says:

        You’re right Docotor, I’m sorry. I’m just under a lot of stress lately. And I have my suspicions about Martha to be honest, but maybe we can talk about that via DM. But suffice it to say I apologize for my potty mouth and wish you no more harm.

  11. droblivion says:

    No problem Mr. Groom. I understand that you are under a lot of stress and not feeling well in addition. A small flair in temper is normal.

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