The Truth Must Be Told

I will confess. For a short time I attempted to be the Dr. Oblivion Mr. Groom so desperately seemed to want. And in my own way I attempted to play along with his ruse. I am guilty of that. Of playing a part and making motions to control Mr. Groom and his group called ds106 was fun for a moment, but is has bounded out of control.

But recently I have been attempting so assist this good man Groom. But he has made it hard on me. From saying untrue things to portraying me as a lunatic living in a cave for all the world to see! He has even sent a man after me. I am Dr. Oblivion and I am a good and gentle soul. I do not deserve this kind of treatment.

I am attempting to help Mr. Groom and we shall see if he is willing to seek assistance with his condition.

This morning the Swaffam daily printed an article confirming my absence and I wish to share that with you here.  This was not my doing. I enjoy social networking sites like this Twitter and I have even managed to keep up a blog or two. One is about Sudoku. I am an avid fan of challenging games.

But my friends I cannot go home. This man Groom has sent, Mr. Fixer, is on my trail. I have seen him. If you are a friend or colleague of Mr. Groom, please tell him to stop this madness. I beg you. I am on old man.

I have clipped the article from the daily to share with you as proof of my innocence and Groom’s madness.

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5 Responses to The Truth Must Be Told

  1. Jim Groom says:

    I wonder if it isn’t you, Barnaby, who kidnapped Brian O’Blivion to get more Twitter followers and MySpace friends. And if that is true you’re gonna have a whole class full of folks who want their beloved O’Blivion back safe and sound so ds106 can go one. Mr. Fixer, whoever that is, is the least of your worries. We are headless now, and it may very well be you who has decapitated this class,

    • droblivion says:

      Mr. Groom, I am so angry with you and you behavior. I am not what you think! You, you Mr. Groom are the only headless one in this absurd little fiasco. By pointing a finger at me publicly like this you further endanger my safety. Is not sending a bloody ” hit man” after me enough! And do not deny it! There is proof enough to place you in the jailhouse for some time. Thankfully Mr. Fixer is an idiot. Or at least not as smart as an 83 year old man!

      Monday shall come rolling over to you Mr. Groom like a divine moment of inspiration and epiphany. That is all I will say in my angered state.

  2. simkathy says:

    I must be honest. If you two force me to choose between you, between your stories, I confess I side with Dr. Barnaby Brian, Oblivion. Yet I wish to see the integrity of the course referred to as DS106 maintained. Please settle your differences. If the good Dr. wishes to retire, at 83, he is so entitled. The course can be maintained by the participants. Realizing that I may not have all the facts of this emerging histoire, I look forward myself to Monday, to discover the nature of the epiphany the Dr. wishes to flatten good Groom with.

  3. aalpha60 says:

    OblivionDoc, DrOblviion, JimGroom, Barnaby, Brian, Swaffham, these are all pseudonyms used to spear phish the good citizens of ds106. Consider your digital citizenship at risk by playing with these heinous folk, stirring up stories filled with lies, taking advantage of your impressionable digital judgements. Secure yourself against their falseness and be careful how much you reveal in their duplicitous game.

    Alpha 60

    • droblivion says:

      Mr. or Mrs. Alpha

      I am certainly a man. And I truly believe Mr. Groom is a man too. I am certain I am not a fisherman, though I did fish the lakes when I was a younger man. I have never been spear fishing. I am curious as to your geographic location as you have spelled the word “fish” in a most unique manner. Interesting.

      And I give you that there have been lies. I have unhappily even been the perpetrator of some. And as I have said, I am sorry.

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