Even in Hiding from @jimgroom

Even as I fear form my life given the recent aggressive moves by Mr. Groom, I am still able to remain optimistic about my situation. And I will with certainty be able to make the prearranged broadcast today at 4:30. I shall try to explain the difficult situation we all find ourselves in given Mr. Groom’s situation. For those of you who have been contacted regarding the upcoming intervention regarding Mr. Groom I appreciate all of your support and willingness to assist him in this difficult time.

But let’s not dwell on the challenges Mr. Groom faces. Let us make art!

Even now, confined as I am in hiding from Mr. Fixer, I am still bale to keep optimistic and joyful. And while I do appreciate the posters being made on my behalf, I think we may need something more, something bigger, something that will share the cause with a larger and more powerful audience. Like a concert.

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4 Responses to Even in Hiding from @jimgroom

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  2. Dr. Oblivion we had expected you to make your broadcast yesterday 4:30. You had made many efforts to evade discovery on your way. Did something go wrong? Please let us know?

  3. droblivion says:

    Mr. Smith
    Things have changed significantly since yesterday mid-morning. I thank you for your kind conversations yesterday and I am happy to report that Monday will be a great success. We have many to assist. I am not sure if you have read my most recent post. I have attempted to explain myself. You can be the judge: https://droblivion.wordpress.com/part-one/

    Thank you for your concern.

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