The Truth Is Oblivious in 4 Icons

I will not mince words or icons here as to me, especially after the bizarre events of this morning, the control of this course has clearly shifted in my direction. Before I was simply the commander, the leader, and the very heart of our vessel. Now, I have gained empathy from my followers! How strange is that for the dark and brutal leader! My daughter is gone! Oh my, what strange plans Jim Groom has laid for us! Do not be fooled. He is as lost as the fictional daughter he has created for me!

Who am I?

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8 Responses to The Truth Is Oblivious in 4 Icons

  1. a fan says:


    I encourage you to review the footage from a previous media appearance you made. If you can’t locate it, you can review the high points here: Bianca existed then. What happened to her?

  2. Jim Groom says:

    This is an impressive four icon challenge, did you tag it properly? Check the tags on the assignment. Also, how did you find the time to do this if you are missing? What’s going on with you, things are getting weirder and weirder.

  3. alanliddell says:

    This is really good. Are those the Doc’s actual glasses? They look lifelike – did you find a picture of them on the Internet or did you actually shop them out of the picture?

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  5. aalpha60 says:

    droblivion, obliviondoc, jimgroom, barnaby, swaffam they are all saying to you, “Let the ds106 fuckers work this one out.” Don’t play their game.

    • droblivion says:


      I understand your worry. If I did not have a hit man stalking me I would be inclined to stay as far away from Mr. Groom as possible. But he has added an unwelcome element to my life. And like you, I am angry and perplexed.

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