The Real Ruler Of the Class

On our first evening together I believe it is important to clear the boundaries and make certain we all have a clear vision of our leadership. It is simple: I am the leader. My vessel, my surrogate, the bag of bones living a life Treme and Game of Thrones as evening fun, this Jim Groom, is the worker bee. He does my bidding and will convey in primitive digital terms the expectations you now have bestowed upon you. Make no mistake ds106 brethren, this journey is not digital in nature. It is mystical.

The connections are ethereal, as the architecture of the spiders is sound in connection and node, the connection between our lives will deepen and strengthen over the days and nights to come and we will build a small village of ties, bound with rope together we will wander in the star streaked night and visit strange lands. In these strange lands, filled as they may be with buttons and clicks and terms unknown, we will know frustration and anger. Together, tied as we are, we will ride into the night screaming.

So let us be clear who the “teacher” is, who the captain of this ship be, and who is responsible for your safety into these new and wondrous places. It is I, Dr. Oblivion. Not that body of Jim Groom who resides in the earthly land of Virginia. Nor is it the altered strange version of the same Jim Groom who he has named for me, Dr. Oblivion. Nice try Jim Groom. I am the Doctor. I am the Oblivion.

Tomorrow you shall receive the second warning. The second message. The second revelation. And you shall be closer to the purpose. Closer to the light. Closer to Oblivion.

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4 Responses to The Real Ruler Of the Class

  1. CogDog says:

    Groom must be your tool- looks like he made your blog.

  2. Jim Groom says:

    Dr. Oblivion,
    You really nailed it with this post. I hope you use some of this material in today’s live video session. A dramatic ready, maybe? The only thing is I don;t know why you continually insist on calling me a bag of bones, I am flesh and blood just like you.

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